Winter Vacation Photo Tips

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Why don’t you…

1. Frame your image, whether you use foliage, rocks, or palm tree leaves surrounding a setting sun. Costa Rica- photography by Steven Kassin

2. Photograph the locals and the local activity.
El Salvadore-photography by Steven Kassin

3. Capture a sequence that ends with an element of surprise.
Anguilla-photography by Liat Kassin

4. Photograph the exact landscape in the morning and evening.

Brazil-photography by Steven Kassin

5. Isolate something beautiful and move in close.
Brazil-photography by Steven Kassin

6. Always have your camera ready. . (Imagine if I had missed this photo op of a local riding a horse in the ocean!!)
7. Shoot a mini portrait session (most of our travels include magnificent settings for backgrounds)
Anguilla-photography by Sally Franco

8. Capture your hotel room or villa the first day you arrive, before you unpack.

9. Don’t tell them to look up…capture the moment.

10. Don’t forget hand your camera over and get into some photos.

Enjoy your vacation!!!



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