Photo Book Anatomy: Our Vermont Photo Book in Action

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Hey There!
In my previous post I mapped out the steps I intended to take to make creating a photo book of my trip more manageable.
I totally rocked the plan!!

During the trip:
Import and sort (10-15 minutes a day)
At the end of each day, I took out my memory card and slipped it into my Vivitar card reader that was plugged into my laptop. I imported the photos straight into I-photo where I quickly deleted those pics that were not great.

At Home:
Organize into files (15 minutes)
I created a Stratton Vermont photo book folder in my pictures file . I create subfolders divided by day and I dragged the best photos from I-photo into the files.

Plan the pages (20 minutes)
I then created categorized page files based on how many photos I dragged. I figured 6 photos max for a two page spread. For example I chose 12 photos of our drive on the way to Vermont, so I designated four pages (6 photos per spread) for those photos.

I also looked out for scenic photos that can be used for the cover, a photo for page 1 that summarized the trip, and a closing photo for the last page.

Decide which photo book to print
Based on the 70 pages that I planned out, my two options are to print an Aglow photo book which fits up to 80 sides or two volumes of Alchemy because one only fits 60 sides.
Now I am all prepared to make my photo book in the next week or two. Creating the book should be quick and painless because of the organizing prep work I did.
Your Turn:
Please leave a comment if you have any more photo organizing suggestions to add!!


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