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So you’ve spent good money on a professional photographer to take pictures of your newborn, family, wedding, engagement party, what? In this digital age it’s so easy to let all those images just sit in a folder on your computer never to be printed out. Not only is that not a safe idea, what if something happens to your computer and you didn’t back up, it’s not really getting the most out of your professional photography service.

As a professional photographer who spends hours taking the pictures and then editing the pictures to be just right, it pains me when I find out clients don’t do anything with their digital negatives except post them online.
It’s time to get back into printing out those pictures! It’s so easy these days with digital cameras. First, there’s instant gratification where you can delete the images you don’t like and then there are great online companies that make the ordering process so easy, like Lastly, printed photos will actually bring you more joy to look at. I recently wrote a blog post about how photographs literally transmit energy back to you. It’s proven that if you look at a photograph of someone, or something you love, or of a happier time, then your energy level rises. So take a look around your house or office. Are there updated pictures of people, things or places you love prominently displayed for you to feel that good energy?

Another option would be to make an album of your pictures. This a great way to combine all your pictures from a recent trip, a party, or of a new baby into a beautiful presentation. If your professional photographer doesn’t offer this service then there are ways for you to do this yourself. Picsaloo offers an easy and inexpensive way to design a professional album on your own!

Also, printed pictures make the best gifts for people you love. If you recently got married, you can send everyone who was in the bridal party a professional portrait as a thank you. If you recently had a baby you could send the grandparents a beautiful black and white print of your newborn or make a birth announcement. And if you are recently engaged you can send a professional print from your engagement session with the date of our wedding as the save-the-date card. Just make sure you are using a good lab to print these pictures out. It doesn’t make any sense to spend all that money on a professional photographer and then have your images printed out at a local drug store or a big box store. These are not professional printers and mostly likely the color, white balance, and paper quality will be off. Use these places for everyday snapshots, just promise me you won’t use them for your professional pictures!
Let’s keep photography prints alive by getting them off the computers so we can all appreciate them!

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