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Use Your Words

“Yep, it is totally true even though I still have my doubts. A baby girl is growing where only three little boys have been. How neat is that!!!? I called the Dr. and hospital twice to confirm that indeed they did not make a mistake.
I try not to get too excited till a healthy, beautiful girl is resting in my arms. I try to block out scenerios of little, ruffled dresses and manicures, the huge dollhouse that we will play with together, arts and crafts, lunches and plays and shopping till little girl is here.
I pray that I am a good mother to her. I’m so glad she is the fourth child because I am a seasoned mom with experience. I hope I become more patient, tolerant, and understanding enough to deal with more complex girl stuff. Maybe she won’t be too complex and will be like “one of the boys” in a house full of men. Or, maybe she’ll be this fluffy, tomboy, princess because she has three older brothers taking care of her. I just know she is so lucky to have her brothers to love, protect and drive her around.
I also pray that her entry into this world is comfortable and easy. She is such a lucky baby because she has a beautiful family awaiting her arrival to love and cherish her. Prodej ready made . We simply can’t wait.”

I wrote the above letter to my unborn daughter this past September.
Imagine reading a letter like the above, but instead your mom had written it to YOU!! How priceless would that letter be?!!!
So my challenge to you is this:
Add more journaling to your photobooks, whether in a form of a letter, caption, quotes, or paragraph.
Whether it’s an anniversary book, a one-year-old birthday book for your child, a baby book, anything, you can add a letter or short paragraph for the first or last page, or simple captions throughout the book.
If it’s an anniversary book: write about how much you love your spouse or the past years funtimes together.
If it’s a one-year-old baby book, journal about your baby’s milestones or favorite times together.
If it’s a vacation book, write about funny moments or favorite moments about your trip.
If it’s a book for your mom , write ten short captions of what you love about her and alternate them with photos of her. If you have kids, use your kid’s words and add photos of her with the kids.
Try adding words today, and see your loved one’s reactions when they look at your photo books.


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