Hi, I’m Gladys Hedaya founder of Picsaloo.com.


Each of us lives a life full of moments and memories that are impactful and precious. Whether it’s a fabulous vacation, birth of a child, graduation, anniversary party, night out with the girls or guys, or an everyday moment, our memories deserve to be printed on premium photo products that are usually reserved for pro-photographers.

Each of us also realizes that those moments pass by, leaving us with warm and happy memories that can fade. Our images are often forgotten on our hard-drives or abandoned in envelopes thrown in a drawer. Picsaloo’s photo books and albums are what bring those moments back to life. Our products are also created of the highest quality materials allowing our memories to live much longer than the other photo products on the market. That means you and future generations will treasure those photos.

How does Picsaloo fit into the picture….

  1. A variety of high quality products usually reserved for the pros, are brought to you, who deserves the best.
  2. Free, intuitive, flexible software downloaded from our site onto your desktop that is always available to you.
  3. Cool designs and templates to help you express yourself when creating your albums and photo books.
  4. You’ve just created an album in our software. Why not use the same design to create a calendar or photo book? You can easily do so with our software.
  5. Signing up for Picsaloo’s blog and free newsletter brings you tips and tricks right in your inbox for capturing your moments with your camera in the most pleasing and compelling way. We also suggest various photobook themes so you can explore the many ways you can print out your memories.
Enjoy, capture and create.